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Look Ma, No Recipe!

Recipes are great when you’re trying a new ingredient, learning a fresh cooking method or discovering a type of cuisine, but there are occasions when you might want to free yourself from the page and invent your own culinary masterpiece, or at least dinner. You might be surprised to hear this from us, a recipe-based brand, but there are advantages to improvising in the kitchen – here are a few of them:

IT SAVES TIME AND MONEY. Armed with a well-stocked pantry, you can shop once a week and skip multiple trips to the grocery store. When you cook without a recipe dictating ingredients, you’re free to substitute a missing ingredient with something you already have. Using what you have on hand will also help you adhere to a weekly grocery budget.

YOU’LL BE EATING SEASONALLY. When you’re not tied to a recipe, you can plan a meal around whatever looks tempting at the farmers’ market — and your produce will taste better because it’s picked when ripe.

YOU’LL GAIN CULINARY SKILLS. As you build a pantry of fresh herbs, dried spices, different oils and vinegars, you’ll learn a lot about how to build flavor. Revelations like how good cumin tastes when paired with lime juice is knowledge that will stay with you for a lifetime.

IT STIMULATES CREATIVITY. When you’re creating an entirely new, custom-made meal to suit your tastes and mood, cooking becomes less of a chore and more of an outlet for your creativity (and healthy cravings).

Since you’re not measuring according to a recipe, you won’t use nearly as many measuring cups, spoons and containers. Cooking with a dash of this and a handful of that is less

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