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Let's Talk About Caste: Why Ayushmann Khurrana's ‘Article 15’ is a film every politically-minded Indian must see

Kudos to Anubhav Sinha and the film's crew for pulling off a phenomenal job at dealing with duch a dark subject, in such a riveting way.

I watched Article 15 with a 20-year-old Delhi University student. She had tears in her eyes, cried a bit and was deeply disturbed by the film. Why I asked, didn’t the film Mulk made by the same director equally move her, the answer I got was revealing — I know about the Hindu-Muslim problem and in Mulk, a Muslim family faces terrible profiling after one member joins a terror outfit.

But this, she said, was just so sad.

She said, ‘I know about caste — but I never really thought about how terrible it can be’.

The tears just welled up

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