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Jaani: Remembering Raaj Kumar, veteran actor and original style icon, on his 23rd death anniversary

Whether in a negative role or as an army officer, a prince or a pauper, charismatic Raaj Kumar never failed to impress, making us fall in love with him a little bit more with every role.

Raaj Kumar’s name evokes in our minds several images — that of an arrogant aristocrat, a smart gangster, a gentle doctor, a poor farmer, an impressive defence or police officer or a drunk, debauched nawaab. 

Clearly, whatever the role, Raaj Kumar, quite like his screen name, ruled, and it almost seems like poetic justice, therefore, that he opted for a screen name like Raaj Kumar — the prince! 

Born Kulbhushan Pandit, Raaj Kumar stood out for his unique manner of acting and dialogue delivery which made iconic so many of his dialogues, urging us to remember him through those lines

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