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After a splashy launch, the new hotel at JFK finds its devoted audience: aviation nerds.

STEFANO AND MARCO, two extremely buff Texans, are standing on the pool deck atop the brand-new TWA Hotel, grinning uncontrollably. Located right next to Jet-Blue’s Terminal 5 at JFK airport, the hotel is the result of a $265 million renovation of architect Eero Saarinen’s futuristic 1960s landmark, the TWA Flight Center. But the guys aren’t here for the period-perfect hotel rooms or to eat at its swanky restaurant. Despite the 90-degree weather, they aren’t even paying attention to the pool. “This is the place to be if you love planes,” says a giddy Stefano, 28. “I’m an avgeek,” as they call themselves. “Aviation is my thing, my niche, my kink, if you want to put it that way. I’m the happiest person today.”

“I’m telling people I came in for World Pride, but

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