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Budget 2019: How Modi 2.0 can tweak taxes, raise public spending on crucial sectors and raise employment

There are glaring gaps in India's economy. Women, SCs and STs are slipping through these. It is crucial, and doable, that the Modi govt fills these gaps via Budget 2019.

My dream budget for 2019-20 will arrange taxes and expenditures in such a way as to reverse the situation that has gotten worse since 1991, when the so-called economic reforms mandated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) started and was assiduously followed by successive Congress, UPA-1, NDA, UPA-2 and BJP governments.

All spheres of human activity, economic and social, including education and healthcare, were opened thus to private enterprise. The state withdrew from economic activities and provision of healthcare and education by the state became increasingly meagre, food security was endangered by enormous increases in joblessness and an increasingly attenuated public distribution system.

The impact of all this on particularly the most vulnerable sections of the population, SCs and STs, was particularly severe as the following table clearly shows:

amiya budget jpeg inNot a good picture: Health indicators for the total population, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in India 2006-07. (Via author)

The situation has hardly improved since then.

In 2018, India ranked

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