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Born in 1892, Donald Wills Douglas was one of the pioneers of American aviation. In 1920, he created the Davis-Douglas Company that has manufactured a single aircraft: The Cloudster – a long-range biplane single-engine aircraft, the first one to have a payload above its own weight. In July 1921, he opened a new company, Douglas Aircraft, which became famous in the 1930s with its DC (Douglas Commercial) models. In 1967, it became McDonnell Douglas and, 30 years later, it was incorporated to Boeing.



Thereza de Marzo e Anésia Pinheiro Machado frequented the small circle of Sao Paulo pioneer aviators. Daughter of industrial executives, Thereza was friend of the Robba brothers, and dated Fritz Roesler, owner of Ypiranga aviation school. Anésia came from Itapetininga after the dream of learning to fly with Orton Hoover, American, flight instructor of the Public Force. They had piloting classes at the same time and made their solo flights in the same day. Thereza’s brevet Nr 76, the first one to be granted to a woman in Brazil, was issued on April 8, 1922. On the following day Anésia was granted the Nr 77.



To render important the commemoration of 100 year of

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