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Wee Muckers: Youth of Belfast

By Toby Binder, Kehrer Verlag, £30, 120 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-3-86828-915-2

The consequences of Britain exiting the European Union are likely to be myriad. But one

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Amateur Photographer6 min read
Running On Empty
What is white, flat and has four sides? Answer: a blank sheet of paper. For writers, staring at a blank sheet (well, a blank screen) and not getting the words out as the clock ticks down is a disheartening experience. No one reads blank. Blank is sur
Amateur Photographer2 min readTech
Space Steps The Moon and Beyond
Launched to celebrate 50 years since the moon landing, Space Steps is a comprehensive look at imagery and history from the Apollo11 landings, and the events immediately preceding and following it. Curated by Deborah Ireland, also known for her book,
Amateur Photographer2 min read
Mark Cohen
Anybody considering making a career in photojournalism may think they have to seek out a warzone or track down undiscovered tribes deep in a rainforest, but Mark Cohen is living proof that such an approach isn’t required. This unique photographer was