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Smoke On The Water
G’day! I’m officially the owner of a road-legal, sweet-running, mint-looking RG500. After years and lots of hard work, the job is done and after a few weeks of ironing out the gremlins, the 500 is a first-kick starter and runs like a new one. At the
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Around the Horn!
Tucked away in The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations there’s a line or several upon the fitment, use and suitability of a certain element of any road-going vehicle. In a nutshell, it says thus: ‘Every motor vehicle must be fitted with
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Dirt Bikes To Stafford!
The International Dirt Bike Show has a new home this year! The popular annual off-road event – Europe’s largest no less – will now take place at Stafford County Showground over the weekend of September 28-29. The change of venue gives show organisers