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They're Lakers. And in a decade, the esports industry hopes they will be as well known as LeBron.

LOS ANGELES - Visitors to the Lakers' posh training center in El Segundo enter through oversized glass doors and are greeted by large rotating photos on three vertical flat screens framed in gold.

At center is a photo of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal embracing on the court after winning the first of their three championships together with the Lakers. To the left is a picture of Andre Ingram, a guard for the South Bay Lakers, the team's G League affiliate, who made headlines two years ago when a promotion made him, at 32, the NBA's oldest rookie. And at right is a photo of Jordan "Vert" Gates, 20, controller in hand, playing a video game.

Even Gates can't quite get over the company he keeps.

"I feel like I'm living a dream every day," he says. "It doesn't seem real."

Gates is the Lakers' new point guard, but he's not replacing Lonzo Ball. He's a starter for Lakers Gaming, the franchise's team in

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