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Economist Emily Oster Still Believes That Data Can Ease (some) Parental Anxiety
EMILY OSTER DOES NOT OFFER PARENTING advice. She is rather insistent on this point. A Brown University economist who specializes in health data, Oster prefers to analyze numbers that help parents think through a decision. “When there isn’t any data,
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Adam Kinzinger
Have the hearings damaged Donald Trump politically? And was that a goal of the committee? That wasn’t a goal. But I do think it’s damaged him. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be the Republican nominee in 2024—and it doesn’t mean that he can’t win. Th
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The two most iconic images of the actor Paul Sorvino could hardly be more different. In the first, he’s slicing garlic with a razor blade as the ruthless Paulie Cicero in Goodfellas. In the second, he’s weeping inconsolably at the 1996 Academy Awards