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Two Friends Were Found Guilty of the Same Murder. Only One Is Free.

His co-defendant was acquitted based on new evidence, but prosecutors are still fighting to keep Andrew Krivak in prison.

Andrew Krivak was a teenager when he found himself at the center of a murder investigation. He and Anthony DiPippo, his friend and relative, had been accused of the rape and murder of a young girl from their hometown of Carmel, New York. Under intense questioning by the police, friends of theirs had implicated them in the crime. There was no DNA evidence, but the witness statements were enough. In 1997, Krivak and DiPippo were convicted separately and sentenced to 25 years to life.

Nearly 20 years later, DiPippo was found not guilty at his third trial and released from prison. Several of the witnesses had come forward and said they were pressured by police to incriminate their friends. New evidence pointed to a convicted rapist who knew the victim.

That information was relevant to Krivak’s case, too. But the two had

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