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A major obstacle to diversity in nation-states is the grossly sweeping historical and political narratives that often underpin them. State power allows those in charge to define the nation and its structures with circular arguments that legitimise the territorial delimiting and historical disinheriting of peoples-who have cultivated those same territories for centuries. In the mid-twentieth century, as the modern colonial empires began to be

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In early March, Netflix India announced its slate of over 41 titles for 2021. As with television shows, a marker of success for a web series is its renewal for subsequent seasons. On that note, two particular titles stood out. Not so much for their h
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Q. You’ve said that the lock-down made you a barber, gardener and cook. Looking ahead, which of these skills will serve you most in the future? I became a housekeeping expert. I was an electrician, a mechanic and many other things. I enjoyed gardeni
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Bollywood without the undercover femalecop islike Khal Nayak without Madhuri Dixit. There remains something iconic about her Inspector Ganga crooning “Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai”, while pretending to be a street girl. Juhi Chawla effortlessly sways bet