Bowen Yang And Matt Rogers: I Don't Think So, Honey!

Comedians and co-hosts of Las Culturistas, Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers discuss their lives before comedy and how they became friends. Then they get competitive in two games about honey and pop divas.
Comedians and Las Culturistas hosts Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang face off in a game on Ask Me Another at the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York. Source: Mike Katzif

Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers were not fast friends. Now the co-hosts of the pop culture podcast, , the two lived on the same floor of their freshman dorm at New York University (NYU) — where they had little to do with each other. Smash cut to 2019 where they are now both emerging voices on the comedy scene. Yang was recently getting hired as a (SNL), and the duo are also planning a national tour together based on "I Don't Think So, Honey!" — a recurring 60-second segment about a frustrating cultural phenomenons, which ends every episode of their podcast.

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