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The Doctor Is In
JUST TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO, ITO AGHAYERE WAS making her Broadway debut in Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Ayad Akhtar’s Junk, playing a financial shark killing it in a man’s world. Now, as Dr. Maya Jacobs, the no-nonsense chief resident on the h
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Master Plan
WHEN ANDERS Weidemann was in his twenties backpacking across Asia, he stayed one night at a modest home that had been turned into a hotel. Although the proprietor had once lived there with his wife and two children, the man was now the sole occupant.
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Bright Beauties
(played by Christina Applegate) ▸ She may be a hothead, but Jen’s signature beachy waves and soft, rosy glow are as easygoing—and universally flattering—as it gets. ▸ “Jen cries a lot on the show,” says Applegate’s makeup artist, Kim Greene, who keep