'A Cosmology Of Monsters' Blends Freaky Frights And Family Feels

Shaun Hamill's new novel uses the lens of horror to examine the ways we interact and fail to interact with each other, and the way a family can be held together by the very things that tear it apart.
Source: Pantheon

"How long until the world hollows me out?" Eunice Turner asks her younger brother Noah in one of her many letters to him — most of them suicide notes. That question lies at the heart of , Shaun Hamill's debut novel. It's a horror tale unafraid to tackle big issues of familial fealty, the architecture of fear, and the metaphysics of love, all while, only for horror instead of fantasy, the book examines the way we interact and fail to interact with each other, all bound together with genre delights that are mildly subverted even as they're adoringly celebrated.

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