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Vegan products sold in supermarkets loaded with unhealthy amounts of salt
NO IFS OR BUTTIES Health chiefs reveal that bacon IS safe to eat after all – despite cancer fears
Experts say salt shakers need a tobacco-style health warning
REVEALED: The ‘healthy’ protein bars that contain more fat and calories than a MARS BAR
A drink a day might be good for diabetics’ health
Does peanut butter make you gain weight?
Science unclear on intermittent fasting

Barely a day goes by without a shock headline making us question our dietary habits. Just when we’ve cleared the cupboard of one supposedly ‘bad’ food, it wings its way back up onto the ‘good’ list. We’ve sorted fact from fiction with the help of nutritionist Rob Hobson, author of The Detox Kitchen Bible and co-author of Cheats & Eats Lifestyle Programme, and David Wiener, Training and Nutrition Specialist at leading fitness app Freeletics.


Most of us have

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