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A Modern Romance
Kiss of DEATH: twenty-five-year-old woman suffocates and dies after kissing LESBIAN lover who had eaten PEANUT (and her face swelled up to size of AMERICAN FOOTBALL). I could see my destiny spelled out and capitalised across The Daily Mail front page
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I get up for work in the dark. The four-thirty am alarm has a particular bleating, but my apartment has no central heating so to even extend one arm from my nest of warmth to silence it is a wrench. No time to snooze, (oh to be able to wake when I ch
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A Reminder
They lingered by the edge of Grove Hill road,beneath the street lamp’s copper penny glowwhich crowned their heads with glittering specks of dustand turned them, for a little while, to Gods.They kissed goodnight then sat down on the kerb,not knowing w