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I lie on my right side, wired up to the machine,gel smeared on my chest. I can see the screenas the probe slides. I recognise the heart chamberspulsing in segments like those of a pregnancy scan,but make no sense of the multi-coloured lightningflicke
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Starring Role
From the outside, it looks one of those red peppers Grandma cooks with. Aren’t they pretty much empty inside? It might not be too bad. But when Mrs. Foster guides me in with a tender shove, it feels more like I’ve been stuffed into my mother’s purse.
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The Only Lasting Beauty
My mother was a cardiologist and a drunk. Not the nasty kind of drunk, but the sad and pathetic kind. Before she died of acute liver failure she taught me two things. The first thing she taught me was that if you want to quit smoking, you have to swe