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Your Wellbeing
1 A NIGHTCAP HELPS ME NOD OFF ‘Alcohol acts as a sedative, helping you fall into a deep sleep initially,’ says Silentnight sleep expert Hannah Shore. ‘But as the night goes on, it will stimulate your body – resulting in fractured sleep.’ 2 A HOT BATH
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Do The Money DETOX
Our lives are so busy these days, our monthly bills can often go unchecked, with direct debits going out without a second thought. Yet reviewing your outgoings is crucial – otherwise you might end up paying for something you don’t need or didn’t know
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The lake LADY
After her swim, Pat fetches in armfuls of yarrow and harebells from the hedgerows and fills up the big vases. Beneath the willows at the lakeside are yellow water lilies. She’s tempted to take one or two, but she’s not sure it’s allowed. Besides, the