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Fast Company1 min readFashion
Recycling Clothes
● Inside a glass box the size of a shipping container at an H&M store in Stockholm, several technicians in white lab coats press buttons on a counter-height, multistation machine as a customer watches the worn-out T-shirt she’s just dropped off begin
Fast Company2 min readTechnology & Engineering
Solving The Puzzle Of Efficient Shipping
Transportation is a wildly complex industry. For the companies shipping their products and the carriers hauling that freight, there are an endless number of variables to consider, with each affecting delivery times and costs. Where are the carrier’s
Fast Company2 min readEnvironmental Science
Forging A Path To Carbon Transparency
The signing of the United Nations’ Paris Agreement in 2015 marked a historic moment when nations agreed to combat climate change, setting actions and investment toward a low-carbon future. But for Logitech, an award-winning design company with a well