On the cutting floor of the web series Sustainable Me

When the opportunity arose to create and produce a show for Western Canada’s newest cable provider, Telus, writer Katherine Koller and I, the founder of Company of Women on the Screen (COWS), took a very mercenary approach. The broadcaster was looking for community programming aimed at youth or about the environment. We proposed a series about young people doing positive things in their community to make their world a better place. Twenty years of filmmaking experience has taught me this: You must leave viewers with a positive call to action. Katherine and I had worked together before on a number of social issue and arts documentaries and wanted to do something with an even bigger impact. We proposed a series, . The budget wasn’t huge, and it would

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The Lost Stories Project
In 2017, singer-songwriter Jann Arden’s soul-nourishing memoir Feeding My Mother: Comfort and Laughter in the Kitchen as My Mom Lives With Memory Loss was published. Arden’s steadfast advocacy for dissolving the stigma surrounding dementia came in ma