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Another year, another chance to resolve to be a better version of yourself. But if it’s greater levels of happiness and fitness you’re after, there’s one solution – run outside. We already know that outdoor activity is good for the body, but a growing amount of research is showing that it’s great for the mind, too. Just recently, a survey of 20,000 Brits revealed that spending a mere two hours a week in

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Dreaming of hitting the beach with oodles of energy? Summer is just around the corner, so now is the time to start building your fitness for long, sunny walks and endless beach games. Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, shape up for an event
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Chances are, you already know that consuming too much processed meat isn’t good for your health, but new research shows that just one rasher of bacon daily (equivalent to 25g of processed meat) could increase dementia risk by a whopping 44 per cent.
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Alan Murchison’s Tips
1 Plan ahead. Look at your training for the week and then try to plan meals alongside the intensity of the sessions. Harder training requires more carb-based meals; easier days require more protein and good fats. 2 Build a longer-term view around ea