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uxman’s diminutive SQ-N150 tube amplifier has a power output to match: just 2x12W at 1% THD into 8-4ohm loads. Even under dynamic conditions, its maximum output of 14W, 15.5W, 10W and 5.8W

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Enja Records ENJ-9687 2 This solo recital couldn’t have been released in the performer’s lifetime. Flanagan, who died in 2001, was one of the great pianists, contributing to epochal recordings of Rollins, Coltrane and Wes Montgomery before starting a
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‘Precision’ is the watchword for this preamplifier, defining both its engineering and technical performance. The digitally-governed volume control, for example, precisely indicates the gain of the BR-20. So, ‘+12.0dB’ represents a gain of 12dB, ‘0.0d
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Lab Report
Key to the Phonitor’s analogue performance are the proprietary ‘VOLTAiR’ discrete op-amps that feature in all its crossfeed/angle/laterality and main headphone preamp circuits. Running off high ±60V rails, the VOLTAiR-based headphone amp offers a 44.