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‘Upgradeitis’ – the nagging feeling that some kind of change to your audio system would improve the sound you hear – seems to be almost inevitable for those of us who want the best possible sound quality when it comes to listening to music we enjoy. Hence the temptation to continually experiment – to wonder if a new amplifier, speakers or cartridge might provide results we

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Pegaso Audio P50A
As a new arrival from Tuscany, Italy, and with just the P50A integrated amplifier in its inventory, it’s possible you’ve not yet heard of Pegaso. On the other hand, many readers will be familiar with fellow Italian brand Audio Analogue [HFN Nov ’20 &
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Armour-plated JitterBug
AudioQuest’s JitterBug USB data and power line noise filter [HFN Oct ’15] has been tailored with a new ‘Full Metal Jacket’ (FMJ). This includes both a shielded metal case and ‘noise-stopper’ carbon cover for its ‘A’ connection. This £50 USB 2.0 acces
Hi Fi News1 min readComputers
Moose On The Loose
Taking care of the BR-20’s networked music playback is the ‘Manic Moose’ platform also found on other Bryston models. It’s based on locally stored open-source MPD (Music Player Daemon) software, tailored towards Bryston’s hardware and file playback c