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Stay In Touch With Super
When the government announcemed early access to superannuation last year, Australians sat up and paid attention. Super went from being something many of us rarely thought about to becoming a hot topic of discussion over Friday night Zoom drinks. Inte
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What Sacrifice Would You Find Hardest To Make If You Were Saving For Early Retirement?
“I love buying my children ‘little’ surprises; things they’ve told me they really want that I know they can’t afford. Usually, clothes and shoes but sometimes games. I’d struggle to give that up. Also, splurging on books, going out for coffee and buy
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Q My husband and I are retired and still have two adult children at home. We have $550,000 in self-managed super, which is just sitting in our Commonwealth Bank account, on which we received a return of $23.37 for January 2021. We also have $235,000