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WRITING IS MY CALLING. EVEN without compensation, I would write. My latest book explores the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wrote the first draft in

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Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Thursday, September 15
TWO OF MY COUSINS LIVE in economically depressed southern Italy. Jobs are scarce and corruption is rampant, a painful contrast to the areas physical beauty and warm people. My cousin Desiree lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her husband, two teen
Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Wednesday, October 5
I STARTED A NEW JOB recently, one that I had prayed for while waiting for several years. A successful interview, as well as my education, previous work experience, and references all helped me snag the position, but I still felt I needed to prove my
Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Monday, October 10
A WOMAN I’VE KNOWN FOR years struggles with mental health issues. This complicates our relationship. I’ve weathered numerous bouts of her hurtful accusations and behaviors. Recently she said I didn’t care about her and returned the unopened birthday