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WRITING IS MY CALLING. EVEN without compensation, I would write. My latest book explores the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wrote the first draft in

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Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Saturday, May 8
TODAY ON MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY, I thank Jesus for the legacy she left with her journals—thirty years’ worth. For months, I couldn’t look at them. Then one day I opened one of them from 1990. Mother and Daddy had both endured cancer, and the entries I rea
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Thursday, May 20
MOVING IS NEVER EASY, AND moving to Florida two years ago was extra hard. Apart from the usual stress, it all happened so quickly, leaving little time to process, pack, and plan. I found and made an offer on a house over a weekend, uncertain I was ma
Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Wednesday, May 26
AS A HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN, my oldest granddaughter, Lacey, signed up for theater class and joined the drama club. In the fall, the class began preparing a short play for the regional competition. Lacey decided to try out just to gain auditioning expe