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Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Sunday, April 11
“WORD OF THE YEAR” IS a popular practice these days. With God’s help, you choose a word for the upcoming year, and then focus on living that word for the next twelve months. This year I chose the word “rest.” But a few months into the year I started
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Tuesday, April 13
WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE a simple project. Famous last words, as they say. Convert the front porch into a four-season room. How hard could that be? We wanted to create a reading room, a comfortable place to reclaim quiet and another hangout location wh
Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Maundy Thursday, April 1
WHEN MY DAUGHTER STELLA WAS a little girl, she finally cleared up something about communion that I never quite understood. Communion had always seemed so formal, even impersonal. It was a ritual I respected greatly but didn’t quite understand. We wer