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Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Thursday, June 10
MY CREDIT CARD BILL THIS month was three times larger than usual. When I lamented to my husband, he tried to reassure me. “You had several large ministry expenses, Jeanette.” But I knew better. For me, overspending is what the writer of Hebrews calls
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Monday, May 24
IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE EITHER is a life coach or has a life coach. If I had more time and money, I’d love to have some savvy visionary inspiring me, coaxing me to create and stick with a plan, and cheering me on. One can find a coach for just about a
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Tuesday, June 1
I CAN STILL FEEL THE warmth of that freshly baked cookie in my hands. It was the perfect accompaniment to my second cup of coffee that morning as I prepared to facilitate a brainstorming workshop a few weeks ago. Days earlier, the retreat team had in