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Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Thursday, March 18
THE THING I DO BEST is multitasking. One afternoon, I decided to combine my exercise bike ride with a trip to the mailbox. As luck would have it, I’d gotten a package—a long but lightweight box. No problem! I’d center the package across my handlebars
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Monday, March 8
MY KIDS HAVE HINTED I’M a bit compulsive. No way! I just thrive on my routine. Every weekday morning after devotions with my husband and a power breakfast of boiled eggs and wheat toast, I don my riding gear and hop on my bike. I ride for thirty minu
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Friday, April 16
“I FEEL LIKE CRYING, BUT I rarely let myself,” I told my friends Dee and Beth as we chatted over sandwiches. The pressures of managing a ministry, caring for Mom, and helping our daughter raise three teens overwhelmed me. Ever since I’d heard a sermo