You’re probably already familiar with the usual heart-healthy fare of low-mercury fresh fish, omega-3 supplements and unsaturated fats such as olive oil. But there’s even more you can do for keeping your cardiovascular system clean-running and efficient.

You exercise hard to work your skeletal muscles into prime condition. Do you also take

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Concurrent Workouts
As a fitness enthusiast, you have undoubtedly asked the question, “Should I do my cardio before my weights or vice versa?” If you’re like most people, you may feel there is an exact answer. The most frequently cited answer is, “Do your weight trainin
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Specific Adaptation To Imposed Demands
Even if you always train at the perfect intensity level, it doesn’t guarantee results. “Specific adaptation to imposed demands” explains that various types of training will each result in specific adaptations. A single workout can improve multiple as
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How Exercise Can Fight Off Disease
Most people think about exercise in terms of how it prevents disease. But the power of exercise goes beyond that. While it’s an unappreciated fact, exercise not only can prevent disease, but it can treat depression as well. The impact of exercise on