RELEASED OUT NOW! 275 pages | Hardback/ebook

Editor Desirina Boskovich

Publisher Abrams Image

such things, the subtitle to this eccentric collection – – is arguably a little misleading. “History” suggests

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Tell us about Ash. What’s her story? She’s part of the Commonworld. She’s 21, and she’s just graduated into becoming a police officer. Then she’s arrested for a massive crime that she didn’t commit and put on this spaceship with all these criminals,
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Which US President (or at least, his disembodied head…) was a recurring character in Futurama? In which Star Trek episode do Kirk and co meet a being in the form of Abraham Lincoln? Name the Doctor Who stage play in which the Doctor meets Margaret Th
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News Warp
→ Up, up and away! Ta-Nehisi Coates writing Superman reboot with JJ Abrams producing. → Neill Blomkamp developing District 10, a sequel to 2009’s District 9 (what else?). → Milla Jovovich and Dave Bautista joining George RR Martin adaptation In The L