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California Screaming
SPOILER WARNING! JANUARY, 2020. YOUR FRIENDLY neighbourhood sci-fi magazine is in Burbank, California to visit the set of a new horror anthology series. Set in the fall of 1953, Them (previously announced as Them: Covenant), is the story of the Emory
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Round Up
Is CRIMEWAVE (Blu-ray, out now) a horrorcomedy? Some critics tag it as such, but we’re not entirely convinced. This 1986 collaboration by Sam Raimi and the Coen Brothers follows a nebbish and his dream girl as they’re pursued by a duo of crazed hitme
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213 minutes | CD/download ▶ Publisher Big Finish AUDIO DRAMA Eric Roberts’s scenery-chomping turn as the Master was one of the few peak points of the ill-fated 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. While he’s made a few fleeting appearances in Big Finish audio r