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The House On The Edge Of The Park
▸ RELEASED OUT NOW! 1980 | 18 | 4K Blu-ray ▸ Director Ruggero Deodato ▸ Cast David Hess, Annie Belle, Christian Borromeo, Giovanni Lombardo Radice In their day, sleazy exploitation movies like this were dismissed as irredeemable trash. Nowadays horro
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The Portable Door
▸ RELEASED 7 APRIL 2023 | TBC | SVOD ▸ Director Jeffrey Walker ▸ Cast Patrick Gibson, Sophie Wilde, Sam Neill, Christoph Waltz When hapless Paul Carpenter almost accidentally finds himself employed by venerable London institution JW Wells, his main q
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Magical Mooing
EVER SINCE SHE WAS A CHILD, Francisca Alegría has been fascinated by the spiritual world. Growing up, she would visit her grandparents’ farm, and they would tell her stories about her great-grandparents coming back from the dead and having tea with h