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And Judtice For All
BACK IN 2017, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE FEATURE film assembled six of Earth’s mightiest heroes – Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman – to save the world from Darkseid’s minion Steppenwolf and an army of Parademons. Now Zack Snyder’s Ju
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Dark Lullaby
368 pages | Paperback/ebook ▶ Author Polly Ho-Yen ▶ Publisher Titan Books Infertility is a common theme in dystopias. A falling birth rate gives an excuse for a government to take control of women, their lives and their reproductive systems – and in
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Ciannon Smart
Tell us about your protagonists. → Jazmyne and Ira are enemy witches from rival orders from the island nation Aiyca, one of the three largest in a defunct empire. Their families, in addition to several others, have a long and bloody history of usurpi