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James Horton

Former HIW member James is a biochemist and biotechnologist. He is currently doing a PhD in machine learning and evolutionary theory.

Jo Stass

Writer and editor Jo is particularly interested in the

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How It Works1 min read
One way in which you could give yourself the opportunity to live even after death is with cryonic suspension. It may have been able to bring back Austin Powers after 30 years of suspension, but beyond the world of science fiction, the practicalities
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Life From Other Worlds
How life originated on Earth is one of the most fundamental problems ever to puzzle scientists. The world we know is teeming with remarkable species. It’s the existence of these living things that separates our planet from all the other worlds we’ve
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How To Excavate An Archaeological Site
The remains of ancient cities, people and their belongings are of great importance to historians. They can provide information about our ancestors and tell us how human behaviour has changed over time. Often the position of artefacts, along with thei