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James Horton

Former HIW member James is a biochemist and biotechnologist. He is currently doing a PhD in machine learning and evolutionary theory.

Jo Stass

Writer and editor Jo is particularly interested in the

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How It Works2 min read
New Body Part Found Hidden In The Lungs
Scientists have discovered a brand-new type of cell hiding inside the delicate, branching passageways of human lungs. The newfound cells play a vital role in keeping the respiratory system functioning properly and could even inspire new treatments to
How It Works1 min read
Salmon Sucker
Meet the salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis), an aquatic parasite that poses a threat to the world’s salmon farms. Their prominent mouthparts latch onto a salmon’s scales and gills to feed on its blood. Along with salmon, these lice can also infec
How It Works1 min read
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