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Mindfulness, the practice of cultivating a focused awareness on the present moment, should become a daily habit and a lifelong process. Here are five things mindful people do every day to

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Mask’s Need-to-know Tips
Prevention can never start too early. If your child is curious about the medicine they see you take or that is in the house, rather than tell them it’s bad, explain why it’s useful for some people, but can be dangerous to children or if used improper
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Ask Mask
Q: I have some friends who post their every thought online, and I have other friends who plan out their social media posts and censor a lot of their stuff. So how do I know if something is inappropriate and shouldn’t be shared on social media when al
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Ketamine hydrochloride is typically used as an anesthetic for minor surgeries or as a tranquilizer in animals. In recent years, however, it’s made its way to the club scene as a euphoric drug. Also referred to as K, Special K, Super Acid or Kit-Kat,