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Mindful or mind full? With hectic schedules and the pressures of everyday life, many of us are spending less time living in the moment and more time churning over the past or worrying about the future. This can be

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Woman's Day Magazine NZ2 min read
Ask Mitchel
Q When will my health improve? Can you tell me why at this age I feel like I have no friends or anyone to talk to? Am I difficult? Confused MITCHELL SAYS Your angels tell me they are sending you extra healing energy to help with your health. Please
Woman's Day Magazine NZ1 min read
Kia Ora!
It’s with absolute excitement and pride that Woman’s Day brings you the news that Westside co-stars Antonia Prebble and Dan Musgrove are expecting their second child. They’re such incredible talents and the loveliest people to boot. I count Antonia a
Woman's Day Magazine NZ3 min read
Regal Beauty
It may come as a surprise to some, but members of the British royal family have relied on their own beauty wits to look their best when it comes to major engagements. And the good news for us is that most of their trustiest tricks and products are su