This October, actor Mars Rucker confirmed they’re making history as the first Black transenby/non-binary person to have a named role on Broadway. “I am so thankful that I can be a representation for the Black trans/transenby/non-binary community here on this platform and allow them to see that they can live their dreams as well,” Mars wrote on their Instagram page in late August. The post has since been commented on and reposted hundreds of times marking a moment in history.

Explaining they didn’t open up about their transition until just before beginning rehearsals, the team behind the show – led by icon Tina Turner herself – have welcomed the progression shown by Mars in living their most authentic life, understanding that acceptance isn’t just about learning pronouns.

“They had to find a new gender-neutral locker for me. It made them have to cater to non-binary people which means they had to acknowledge that we exist in this world because everything in the theatre is so gendered and binary,” Mars explains.

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