Chella Man

“The intersection of my marginalised identities allow first-hand insight on systematic corruption and the cycles of this and the uniting affinity those share within a community,” Chella Man tells friend, Pose actor and activist, Indya Moore during this interview. Breaking out of the mould, actor and activist Chella Man is a much-needed new voice for the trans experience that’s finding him mixing with the big players, including his historic appearance in DC Universe’s Titans. But perhaps what’s more important, they’re visible and can be seen by others similar to their lived experience – and it’s a responsibility that’s of vital importance to Chella Man.

“Through these experiences, I have felt a surge of empathy leading to the determination of establishing new infrastructure for our world to operate on, promoting inclusivity and equity,” they explain to Indya, adding that it was a complete lack of visibility and internalised oppression that prevented their own

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