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I really enjoy reading Organic NZ – it’s a great and informative magazine. It’s encouraging to read about wonderful people growing organically, and the tips and advice articles are most useful.

Having recently moved to Whangarei and discovering the wonderful volcanic soil on our property I am motivated again to grow as much of our food as possible. I took the risk and planted vegetables in March after the move and we still have an abundance of leafy greens and the biggest rhubarb plant I’ve ever had – right through winter!

In late May, after having collected and dug in sheep dung from our hill paddock after the neighbour moved his sheep out, I planted broccoli seedlings. Now we’re feasting on the biggest and tastiest broccoli from our own garden, no doubt thanks to the lovely soil and moderate climate. Unfortunately it will take longer to get the benefit from the fruit and berry trees and bushes I planted but it will be nice to see them grow.

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