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Roman design architects’ studio Exclusiva, which boasts Gazprom. Ferrari China, entrepreneurs among its clients as well as heads of state, now steps into the superyacht world in partnership with Tankoa, a well known niche yard which will be handling Bolide Project, developed by Fabio Mazzeo Exclusiva’s

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Lynx Yachts Orion
Sometimes trends change faster than seasons. Over the past ten years we have seen large planing yachts, displacing small ships ‘navette’ which preceded ‘explorer ‘ models and more recently ‘Crossovers’. They are beginning to comprise a wider choice w
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Hull Vane® And Its Submerged Foil’s Beneficial Effects:
Very often water does not flow horizontally across the stern of a yacht below the waterline but adopts an angle of elevation. The horizontal wing profile of Hull Vane® engenders lift. The horizontal component (FX) of this lift (F) generates thrust as
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A New 48 Metres For Admiral
“Crocus” a 48 metre superyacht from Admiral a brand of the Italian Sea Group hit the water September last. “Crocus” derives from the 48 metre platform which has already been deployed for “Atos” with loads of interior volumes but always below 500 GT.