The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

Hunter Education: Five Decades Of Success

unter safety education is an institution, a rite of passage, for hundreds of thousands of new hunters each year, not only in Texas but in every state, Canada, Mexico and other countries. Though the first voluntary program began in 1946 in Kentucky, the first one mandated was in New York in 1949. The New York Conservation Department adopted the NRA’s “Hunter Safety” Program, including their as the primary curriculum. Hunter education programs quickly expanded throughout the United States. The curriculum expanded to include topics such as regulations, hunting ethics, outdoor survival, shot selection and a hunter’s role in wildlife management. In 1972, with the passage of the Dingell Hart Amendment to the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937, state fish and wildlife agencies could

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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters5 min read
Choosing A New Bow
My daughter, Emma Ray, is growing fast. At 12 years old, she’s over 5 feet tall and strong for her age. Her old bow’s draw length was too short and the bow limbs were maxed out. She was ready for her first “real” bow. So, I did the research, consulte
The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters4 min read
Arizona Elk
I started with a company called Zero Guides Fees many years ago, as I was determined to hunt the big bull elk of northern Arizona. For most of my life, I have enjoyed hunting the Western states for big game and have been successful many times with el
The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters5 min read
Conservation vs. Contraception: Part I
Contraception for wildlife has a long and controversial history. Some groups have always seen it as a magic bullet that will allow them to rid the world of hunters, while others see it as a threat to the most successful system of wildlife conservatio