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Books On Friendship Friends To Buy Your
Everything I Know About Love (Penguin) by Dolly Alderton Friendships Don’t Just Happen! (Turner) by Shasta Nelson The Friendship Cure (Duckworth Overlook) by Kate Leaver The Sisterhood (Headline) by Daisy Buchanan The Friendship Formula (Head of Zeus
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We’ll Toast To This!
There’s no rule that says avocado toast can be enjoyed only between 7am and 1pm. Make this tasty combo your go-to when you need a hearty afternoon snack or a quick and easy dinner. Add a helping (or a heaping – up to you!) of smashed avocado to your
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SELFISHNESS CAN BE A GOOD THING, Chrissy Metz has discovered lately. ‘I am always putting other people first, to my own detriment,’ she says. With the mantra ‘What’s in it for Chrissy?’ cemented in her mind, the 39-year-old is ready to channel her ne