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This is healthy eating

It seems with every passing year there is new advice about what is healthy to eat, and what is not. Some of this advice comes from well-intentioned but unqualified people promoting the latest fad diet. These fad diets are usually based on the results of a single research study or a random thought bubble. They might provide some short-term gains but are at best unsustainable, and at worst dangerous to your long-term wellbeing because of restrictions or even elimination of essential food groups.

When I think back over the years since I have been writing about health, I can recall literally dozens of these fad diets. Remember these? Atkins, Ketogenic, Israeli Army, Blood Type, Paleo, Raw Food, Cabbage Soup, Alkaline, Zone and South Beach to name a few. The reason these fad diets have come and gone is they promise miracles but deliver disappointment.

As a GP,

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