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Learning to challenge negative thoughts takes time and practice but it is doable. Think of your thoughts as a muscle that you have to constantly exercise to change

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Girlfriend Australia2 min read
What’s Your Fantasy?
OK, admit it, sexual fantasies can sometimes feel confusing AF. Maybe you identify as straight but love thinking about girls? Or, you’re into respectful men (duh!) but often fantasise about some real nasty dirty talk? That’s the thing about fantasies
Girlfriend Australia1 min read
We worked with the lovely @hellolittlesam to whip up some totally Insta-worthy prints for the background of our winter coat shoot. Then we joined forces with @misterwallpaper – they literally turn any design or image into wallpaper. All you do is upl
Girlfriend Australia1 min read
The A To Z Of Dating Trends
Maybe we should just label them all ‘toxic’, huh? When you like someone but not enough to make the romance 100 per cent serious. You just keep them as a potential… but never actually commit. When someone is super into you but then just trails off! Th