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Bright and Win Enter Philippine Territory
We’re nearing the end of 2020 and if you still don’t know who Bright and Win are, you have probably been living under a rock for way too long. Earlier this year, the two Thai actors have disrupted the usual notion of what Philippine primetime is with
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Flashing Lights
Forget subtlety—MAKE UP FOR EVER puts an opulent and seductive spin to its lipstick line with the Rouge Artist Sparkle (P1250). The brand’s popular Rouge Artist lipstick formula is infused with ultra-reflective shimmer and natural origin oils for a l
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The Mane Star
Committing to a thick curtain of hair requires a proper routine to keep it full and stunning. Give your scalp a pamper session with a hair mask once a week. A full ‘70s blow-out is also a good idea to show off gorgeous tresses We can thank the iconi