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Full ’haus
Le Mans 2021 just got even more interesting. We’ve already heard Aston and Toyota say they’ll compete in the WEC’s new top-tier ‘hypercar’ class, and now Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has thrown its hat in the ring too. SCG says it’ll field a pair o
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Hot Wings
Theidea of unlimited motorsport has been an avenue of fascination denied us since the death of the Can-Am series in the mid-Seventies. But as a way of marketing a new technology, especially one perceived to lack both speed and excitement, Volkswage
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Welcome To Portimão
Like Saharan sand being deposited across the Alps, dust clouds raised here drifted over the circuit. The WRC version of smoke signals Hard to see how much drop there is through Galp, which can encourage cars to oversteer on entry. At almost 160kph.