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More Dirty Tricks

Winston Churchill’s embrace of irregular warfare in the Second World War is the focus of this fast-paced adventure drama animated by a carefully selected but motley team of secret warriors who could easily find themselves in one of Alistair MacLean’s novels: think or . The difference here is that this version is anything but fiction.

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Finest Hour1 min read
Dr. Monroe E. Trout Awarded Winston Churchill Leadership Medal
For his community service and contributions in the fields of education, health care, and the art world, Dr. Monroe E. Trout, of Appleton, WI, has been awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Leadership Medal by America’s National Churchill Museum a
Finest Hour3 min read
Complete Picture
Celia and John Lee, through their friendship with the late Peregrine and Yvonne Spencer Churchill, have had unrivalled first access to the private papers of Peregrine’s father, Major John Strange Spencer Churchill, Winston’s younger brother “Jack.” T
Finest Hour2 min read
Quantum Query
Quizmaster Kieran Whit-worth, who previously produced The Ultimate World War II Quiz Book in 2017, has now focused on one of the war’s leading figures with The Churchill Quiz Book. He could justifiably have included the word “ultimate” in the title o