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measured the overall frequency response of the Krix Esoterix Altum speaker as extending from 38Hz to 36kHz ±3.2dB, which is an excellent result and is shown as the black trace in Graph 1. You can see that the trace is flattest across the range 100Hz to 17kHz, where it deviates by only around ±1.5dB. Below 100Hz there’s the expected roll-off while above 17kHz it

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New Norstone Distributor
Famous French audio/video furniture/stand manufacturer NorStone has appointed Indi Imports as its new distributor for Australia, and the change of distributor has seen the range available increase and the prices on many models reduced. ‘Like anything
Australian HiFi3 min read
Laboratory Test Report
Newport Test Labs first measured the frequency response of the KEF KF92 in a room, using pink noise as the test stimulus, with the EQ setting set to ‘Room’, the result of which is shown in Graph 1. The black trace on this graph shows the response wit
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Super Fidelity
Partners in love and music, John and Clare Fowler from Newhaven, England, comprise the duo Dandelion Charm that composes and plays music that would be totally at home on a music chart in the seventies. Their music is a blend of rock and folk, and the