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HAVE WATCHED THAT MOVIE far too many times, and I was driven to find a job in a stockbroking establishment,” said Azila Abdul Aziz simply, as she sipped on her coffee. You wouldn’t even gather that this nonchalant, eloquent and assured lady is the CEO, executive director and head of listed derivatives at Kenanga Futures—and I do mean that in the

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Malaysia Tatler7 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Play No Games
It’s the frenetic energy of being backstage and being smack dab in the middle of organised chaos; dressers, hairstylists, and makeup artists alike swarm around you as you’re taking off clothes and putting on your next look, hopping from one foot to a
Malaysia Tatler2 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Join the Club
Founder of La Juiceria Superfoods, Super Saigon and Hawker Hall Why did you join Clubhouse? It’s a whole new social media platform and everyone’s curious. When you heard me in Renyi’s F&B mentorship talk, it was my first time participating as a s
Malaysia Tatler7 min read
So, You Want to Open a Winery?
Even among the most contented residents of the urban jungle, who has not fantasised about owning a picturesque little patch of land somewhere and dipping a toe in a more pastoral existence? Imagine hand-nurturing a wine from vineyard to bottle, or un