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ROSWELL MINI K47 Stereo Cardioid Condenser Microphones
There’s an air of efficiency around Roswell’s Mini K47; no-nonsense, straight to the heart of it, says what it does on the tin. And at the heart of these mics is the capsule; a K47-style one, the sort you’ll find in Neumann tube mics like the U47 and
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Need To Know
$999 CMI Music & Audio: (03) 9315 2244 or One-knob compression is handy Solid, roadworthy build quality Up to 192k over ADAT S/MUX 52dB gain is a little stingy No nonsense preamp with serviceable compressor. Great addition to any inter
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PC Audio
Someone once said “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, and that is certainly true in the case of plug-in effects. With the advent of investigative utilities such as the excellent DDMF PluginDoctor (which I explored in AT133), and Christian Budd