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Need To Know
Expect to pay $369 Røde: (02) 9648 5855 or Works with almost any device Lightweight and rugged construction. Mic sound quality not incredible Rode continues to impress with its innovative product design and problem solving. While you ma
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Take Your Pick
The Sennheiser HD 25s are available in three offerings. While the new HD 25 Light is cheapest, the established HD 25 model sports a single sided cable, split headband and rotatable ear cup. The HD 25 Plus is the deluxe package — same headphones but w
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KORG VOLCA NUBASS Vacuum Tube Synthesiser
My first drum machine back in the ’80s was a Roland TR-606. It was what I could afford at the time and it didn’t stay in its original form for more than one day — it soon had separate outputs and tunable toms, and it was quite unique. At the same tim